<img src="https://agentmarketing.com/usr/14/76/35/28/24/180213024955.jpg?t=1555622287"><br>Real del Mar Golf Resort lot, Ocean View!!! privileged Location, Gated Exclusive Community. By its privileged geographic location, the natural beauty of the area, the excellent quality of the properties and the exclusive amenities offered to both residents and visitors, Real del Mar Golf Resort & Spa has become the most spectacular Residential and Tourist Development in Baja California, Mexico. Two lots for sale adjacent to each other, priced individually and may be sold together or separately. Lot 309 and 310 Via Montecarlo, Real Del Mar 22710 One has approximately 180 degree ocean view, the other 90+ degree ocean view. Real Del Mar Golf Resort, Golf Course & Hotel Gourmet Restaurants Gated,Security 24 / 7 15 minutes to the border Shopping Mall & more 10 minutes away<br>